Derek is Northland’s official work-from-home puppy; this Chocolate Lab keeps our design associate, Will, focused and inspired as he’s drafting up the latest conceptual drawings for our clients.

Although he’s only 9 months old, Derek’s eye for design is undeniable: looking over Will’s shoulder as he works on a new floor plan, he makes his opinion known. If a design does not suit Derek, whether it’s a lack of toys or an abundance of vacuums, he will give a small whine of disapproval or drop a large rawhide bone on Will’s foot. If a design seems to be heading in the right direction (dog bed in every room), then Derek will give a full body wag: bending at the middle of his body, wagging back and forth so rapidly that his tail knocks potted plants off of nearby surfaces.

We’re not saying that Derek is behind all of our best designs, although we’re not saying he’s not, but we definitely think it benefits our dog-clientele to have a K9-advocate in the mix during our design process.