Bark For Joy

We love our furry, faithful companions! They are one of the greatest joys life has to offer—and nothing truly completes a home, or a family, quite like a dog (in our humble opinion). We created this blog to feature both our client’s and our very own resident canines—because we dearly love them. And life—and our homes, would be so empty without them. So here is a shout out to some of our favorite and adorable fur babies!

Meet Pepper, our head office dog. Olive, Pepper’s sidekick and movement guru. Lola, our property watch dog. Otis, our soft-hearted snuggler. And meet our client’s pups who rave about their newly renovated homes— particuarly the kitchen!

Paws For A Moment.


The Movement Guru

Meet Olive. The second black dog to join our team, Olive is our movement guru. You know those settings on your fancy watch that buzz anytime you need to move? Well, no need for those settings here in the Northland offices; When we see that red Kong floating around, we know it’s a friendly reminder from Olive to go outside and get moving! Olive stays so trim with her constant toy throw breaks, sometimes she needs a reminder from Pepper that it’stime to eat! It’s one of the many examples of how we work as a team here at Northland! For more relaxing movements, Olive will always be first to lead us in her best downward dog pose. Exerciseobsessed Olive is so in touch with nature that whenever you tell her to come in after a long walk she’ll say, ”namastay outside.”


The Soft Hearted Snuggler

The newest member of the Black Labs Club here at Northland, Otis, or Otie for short, is quite the heartbreaker. He may be the only boy dog, but he doesn’t mind– it just means more love from the office ladies! Otis was originally adopted in hopes he’d be a tough protector around the Northland property, buuuuut… it turns out he’s quite the softie! We can’t complain about what a lug… er, uh, we mean lover, he is. This sweet-hearted boy works his tail off by working his way into the hearts of everyone he meets. Being the best snuggler makes Otie’s job of complimentary in-house-stress-reliever an important one for the Northland office!


Resident Sock Thief

Gordie is a one year old Bernedoodle and keeps Alica on our design team entertained. He has many nicknames, such as Gordon Ramsey Jr. Esquire III, Gortato Potato Tots, Potatoes, Gdog, Carrots Turkey Warming and Gorpedo. He enjoys digging, chasing his tail, barking at birds, hunting spiders, stealing socks, bobbing for ice cubes and laying on cold floors. His favorite snack is baby carrots but has been known to overindulge on grass clippings. He insists on riding in the front seat on road trips and on the back of the sofa at home. He’s an all weather dog who equally enjoys wrestling neighborhood dogs in the snow and basking in the sunshine.


Job Site Manager

Our favorite part of working with our clients is getting to know them and their families. For us, like some of our clients, dogs are a special part of our family. They enrich our lives, and love us unconditionally. We see the joy they bring to our clients, and we love working with them!

We’d like to introduce Monty. Monty is a rescued Welsh Pembroke Corgi who became part of our client’s family when he was five years old. At the time, he had severe separation anxiety. He was given up by his previous family, an expectant couple. That’s how he came to The Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, Inc where fate brought him to the Seiberts. Despite his separation anxiety, our clients knew Monty just needed some help coming out of his furry little shell. With training and lots of love and attention, Monty blossomed into thegreat dog they knew he could be.

Now, at the age of 14, he may be an old timer, but he’s still got the wide-eyed wonder of a vivacious pup. His natural curiosity made him a fun jobsite manager. Monty is curious and liked to be where the action was! That made it a challenge when he wanted to be in the master bath when the guys were trying to install the radiant heat wiring. He also got into some of the newly painted trim and had some white “highlights” on his black coat.” Monty is definitely a people dog and loves playing with our clients’ grandchildren (all children, really). He has lots of personality (or “dogality”, as our client put it). He’s been loving the snow we’ve had here in Oregon lately. (It’s been a nice reprieve from the rain, of which he is not a fan.) Monty and his family live in NW Portland.


The Labradoodle

Bio coming soon!


Head Office Dog & People Lover

Will always be remembered as head office dog here at Northland Design & Build. Pepper played an integral role in the company. With Pepper’s intuitive internal clock we never missed meal time and her regularly scheduled naps reminded the team of the importance of an organized and consistent schedule. If you asked Pepper what her favorite part about working at Northland was she’d say, “I just love my people.” Whether it’s meeting new people, such as potential clients, or spending extensive amounts of time with her coworkers, Pepper was happy just to be near you. She’s was easy to get along with, reliable, and loyal. She may have had a tendency to collect shoes or articles of clothing to nap with, but it was all done in love. And when you felt that faithful wet nose on you or the wave of a tail wagging you know it’s time for lunch!