Dogs Pepper As head office dog here at Northland Design and Build, Pepper plays an integral role in the company. With Pepper’s intuitive internal clock we never miss meal time and her regularly scheduled naps remind the team of the importance of an organized and consistent schedule. If you ask Pepper what her favorite part about working at Northland is she’d say, “I just love my people.” Whether it’s meeting new people, such as potential clients, or spending extensive amounts of time with her coworkers, Pepper is happy just to be near you. She’s easy to get along with, reliable, and loyal. She may have a tendency to collect shoes or articles of clothing to nap with, but it’s all done in love. And when you feel that faithful wet nose on you or the wave of a tail wagging you know it’s time for lunch!


Dogs Olive Meet Pepper’s sidekick, Olive. The second black dog to join our team, Olive is our movement guru. You know those settings on your fancy watch that buzz anytime you need to move? Well, no need for those settings here in the Northland offices; When we see that red Kong floating around, we know it’s a friendly reminder from Olive to go outside and get moving! Olive stays so trim with her constant toy throw breaks, sometimes she needs a reminder from Pepper that it’s time to eat! It’s one of the many examples of how we work as a team here at Northland! For more relaxing movements, Olive will always be first to lead us in her best downward dog pose. Exercise-obsessed Olive is so in touch with nature that whenever you tell her to come in after a long walk she’ll say, ”namastay outside.”


IMG_1295Lola, the adopted child of the Northland family, has taken the self-appointed role as the property watch dog. Her protectiveness and loyalty make her a good fit for the unnecessary job, a job she doesn’t take lightly. Unfortunately this means scaring off anyone unknown, including the UPS man delivering us our latest samples, or the men working on the vineyard next door to the Northland offices. (Luckily, they know her bark’s a lot bigger than her bite). Lola’s second job title is company errand dog. From delivering plans to picking up tile or lighting, Lola is on the job! When she’s not working Lola loves to play with her boyfriend Sampson (the Rhodesian neighbor dog from next door), steal Pepper’s toys, or hog attention. She may act like one tough cookie, but once you start scratching that belly it’s game over.


The newest member of the Black Labs Club here at Northland, Otis, or Otie for short, is quite the heartbreaker. He may be the only boy dog, but he doesn’t mind– it just means more love from the office ladies! Otis was originally adopted in hopes he’d be a tough protector around the Northland property, buuuuut… it turns out he’s quite the softie! We can’t complain about what a lug… er, uh, we mean lover, he is. This sweet-hearted boy works his tail off by working his way into the hearts of everyone he meets. Being the best snuggler makes Otie’s job of complimentary in-house-stress-reliever an important one for the Northland office!