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Step 1: Initial Phone Consultation

Your initial conversation with Northland will begin with our head designer, Gina. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you, and vice versa, to ensure our company is the right fit for your home remodeling project. Gina may ask for photos of the existing space prior to meeting, and of course, hearing about those lofty visions that have been stuck in your head for years is a must, whether it be ripping out an entire wall or something as simple as a soft-close cabinetry. Gina will also be able to provide ballpark pricing for your project based on recent jobs and current market pricing. Questions to be asked during this process may include but is not limited to the following:

  • How long have you been in your home?
  • Who currently lives in your home (pets included!)?
  • Do you entertain large groups?
  • What is the main challenge you see with your home?
  • What’s one change you’d like to make but aren’t sure it’s feasible?

At this stage we are on a fact-finding mission to see if we are a good fit for your project. Then we set up a time to meet in person.

Step 2: In-Person Consultation

During this step, you will meet with a designer in your home. Seeing the space in person, we will be able to more thoroughly discuss design style, wish list, and budget as we walk through the space together. This also gives us a chance to meet any additional family members, if desired, (we’re partial to those four-legged members especially!). Additional elements to be discussed during this design kick-off are as follows:

  • Design Style and Wish List
  • Lifestyle (family size, activities and entertainments, pets, etc.)
  • Layout and space constraints
  • Possible Scope of Work
  • Ballpark Budget
  • Timelines

Step 3: Conceptual Design Phase

This phase entails working closely with a designer to discuss conceptual floor plans, as well as appliance, plumbing, and electrical options for that plan. Additionally, recommendations will be provided for cabinet styles, flooring materials, countertops, paint colors, and all relevant finishes in order to provide a full-scope, conceptualized design plan. Directional quotes will be prepared based on the budget and client priorities along the way. This phase will include the following:

  • Measurement collection of as-built conditions
  • Creation of conceptualized floor plan based off initial design meeting
  • Meeting with the construction project manager to discuss structural elements, if needed
  • Drafting of directional quotes to assist with cost prioritization for the forthcoming phase

Step 4: Pre-Construction Phase

This phase is where design is taken to construction — the final phase before Demo Day! In this phase, all design choices and concepts will be finalized for the construction team (because our guys like an organized plan!). Furthermore, we will confirm structural elements and layouts, prepare equipment and material schedules, and finalize the scope of work and remodel contract. Finishes to be finalized may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Floor plans
  • Appliances, plumbing, and electrical fixtures and layouts
  • Windows, door and trim styles
  • Cabinet design and layouts
  • Countertops, tile, mirror, glass, and accessories
  • Paint color(s)

Step 5: Construction Phase

During the construction phase, you will be assigned a single project manager (you may have already met during design) to handle all operational details in bringing your design to fruition. The project manager will be continuously involved on-site to inspect quality, forecast challenges, and answer any questions that may arise during the construction process. Off-site, you can expect the project manager to be orchestrating behind-the-scenes scheduling and planning (materials, permits, subcontractors, etc.) so that your remodel runs smoothly and timely, while constantly communicating these details with you. With our team of reputable industry trade partners, we take pride in delivering a construction phase with proactive communication, jobsite cleanliness, and intentional scheduling.

We are the family that builds for yours!